A Plan for all Seasons

Established Families

Established Families/Living Trusts & Asset Protection

Once you are in your 30s and 40s you’ll notice that your family and finances are going to change.  It is critical that your accompanying estate plan changes as well.  Maybe you now own a home.  Maybe you have children that you’re ready to send to college.  Maybe you make a lot of money, but you’re in a risky business.  Maybe it’s time to get out of the business.

If you are a business owner considering retirement, you’ll also need an exit plan so that in your absence your company remains as productive and profitable as it was during your presence.  Business succession planning will ease the transition and allow you to get top dollar when you sell your business interest.

Established families have different needs that their estate planning documents must address differently.  

A plan for every season means being prepared for whatever the weather may be.

Estate Planning Options

Business Succession

Living Trust Plus (TM)

Family Limited Partnerships (FLPs)

Personal Asset TrustSM